Online Marketing

Our Experience

We not only build websites, we can drive customers to your site to increase sales in Iowa City and beyond. We have worked with numerous businesses throughout the United States to help move up in the search engines in their local area for their target keywords. In addition to providing monthly SEO/SEM services, we have sold close to 1000 SEO reports to business owners and other SEO professionals in over 25 countries. We have developed a great reputation around the world for providing quality, white-hat SEO tactics that work.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving quality, targeted traffic to a website by improving the website ranking in the search engines for specific keywords. There are two parts of SEO which include on-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization. On-page SEO and off-page SEO are both important for a website to have a good chance of rising in the search engine.

On-Page SEO

With our on-page SEO services, we analyze websites to ensure each page of the site is using the appropriate percentage of targeted keywords in the text. We look at other factors too such as the titles, descriptions, and links. We also ensure the compliance with the established rules for making a website accessible for a variety of mobile devices, as well as making them ADA compliant.

Off-Page SEO

Our off-page Iowa City SEO services are designed to create an established Web presence outside of your website. We do this by link building, writing articles, social media, and a variety of different methods depending on the targeted keywords. At ApplePOPDesign, we are focused on building high-quality content so that each website will have a good chance of rising in the search engines.

What is PPC Advertising?

With Pay Per Click Advertising, an advertiser pays each time a potential customer clicks on their ad. Typically a PPC advertiser will place an ad on a search engine like Google. When planning a pay-per-click advertising campaign, it is extremely important to ensure the campaign is created correctly and optimized well for your keywords. It typically is very expensive to continuously run an online ad campaign so it is best to hire a professional in order to avoid costly mistakes. We are experts when it comes to PPC advertising.